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    Pandora? Imagine yourself there just now, its hard not to is it not? At Concept Pandora 1 we see a future in Space exploration. A need to understand the work we do in order to achieve the dreams that have inspired countless individuals: Firstly must still not affect our ability to preserve our humanity, curious yet kind nature. Secondly, like for instance realize if the work we do is upsetting the balance between environment  protection of our 1 and only Planet & the profit we gain from the work we do. We have no problem telling the difference between pollution or Planet protection jobs and we fall on the side of Planet protection every single time. We do not, will not promote or publish content that aid in profit making organization's greed of Earths natural resources, that a are a concern for the planet, of this there are many. 

ConceptMERCURY1 project. #Science #Fiction #Writers
Odin Prometheus's blog.Earth science, Natural science & Zoology student 
Odin Prometheus of: Concept MARS 1 Project Earth Sciences, 2001-2013
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We speak for the Cetaceans of the World.

Odin Prometheus Remembers You.
Earth science, Natural science & Zoology student Odin Prometheus.

Prometheus Earth History Archives

An Earth Science Institute project WORKING IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Escape Artist Graphix, #Orca #Avengers, Concept Saturn Discovery,  #ConceptNeptune project 
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Geology Advocate Dean Boyland is a single dad & his greatest accomplishment if asked: Is raising his daughter from birth. In his eyes there is no better feeling than to be there always for his little Girl.
( All original Artwork/Designs on our sites are designed & published by Abigail Boyland )
A Science geek Dean is: Self-employed as Website designer, Recruiting agent, Business start-up advisor, Maths tutoring online & basic Book-keeping. He runs several non-profit Business start-up & recruiting site's, social media sites, Educational sites. With over 100 verified affiliates & partners while building a client list of successful start-ups in the business sector. Also expanding his construction trade skills/knowledge when he can. Any earnings are placed back into funding his non-profit businesses. 

We are Science & technology promoter's. Our studies & research include the following: 
Economic geology, Mining geology, Petroleum  geology, Engineering geology, Environmental geology, Geochemistry, Geological modelling, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Historical geology, Hydrogeology, Mineralogy, Paleontology, Petrology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Structural geology, Volcanology. 

The forgotten scientists - Blog
Odin Prometheus Remembers You. Earth science, Natural science & Zoology student Odin Prometheus. @PrometheusEarth Earth science, Natural science & Zoology student Odin Prometheus.


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